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About Mattrix Sports

Mattrix Sports is leading distributors, manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers of finest quality of inflatable balls and other sports goods. We cater to numerous Government tenders on regular basis supplying all sort of sports goods and toys. Mattrix Sports has mastered to the degree of perfection the state-of-the -art technique and expertise of custom printing of balls with multi-coloured Logos/crests of clubs, colleges and schools ... a specialization par excellence.

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Special for UK based Sports Companies

If you are based in the UK and require sports goods- rubgby balls, footballs, netballs & any cricket equipment. Contact Now to discuss your Product Requirement and for "no obligation" quote and product samples.


Following shown are examples of some of the products we make. Customers can choose these designs with their logos.
For larger orders, customers can also specify their own design.

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